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1300MPa grade ultra-high strength square pipe steel fills the domestic gap

    A few days ago, HBIS Handan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., developed and produced 150 tons of 1300MPa ultra-high-strength square tube steel HC1300 for a well-known commercial vehicle supporting enterprise in Shandong, which successfully rolled off the production line, filling the domestic gap of this product. After inspection, the product has a good shape and all properties meet customer needs. This marks that HBIS Handan Iron and Steel has become the first domestic enterprise to successfully develop 1300MPa strength class ultra-high-strength square tube steel, providing support for the lightweight of commercial vehicles.
    HC1300 is currently the highest-strength square tube steel in China. Compared with low-strength square tube steel, it has better performance and longer service life, which helps reduce the weight of automobiles and has a strong market demand. HBIS Handan Iron and Steel Company is unswerving in its high-end line, unrelentingly grasping the “two structures” and re-optimizing, aiming at the lightweight needs of the automotive industry, strengthening the docking with well-known automobile manufacturers, relying on the group’s global technology research and development platform, and continuously increasing High-strength steel research and development efforts, and strive to create the “world’s first”, “domestic debut” and “single champion” products in the product segment. At present, HBIS Handan Iron & Steel’s square pipe steel has a strength level of 780-1300MPa, and has mass production capacity.
    The cold-rolled high-strength steel R&D team of HBIS Handan Iron and Steel strengthened market research and customer visits for high-strength steel. In response to the needs of automobile manufacturers for higher-strength square tube steel products, based on the development of square tube steel HC1180, it gave full play to the integration of production, sales and research We will make every effort to develop ultra-high-strength square tube steel HC1300. The R&D team is deeply connected to accurately identify customer product performance requirements and transform product indicators. Combined with the characteristics of the production line equipment, the unique design of the entire process technology solves the industry problems such as edge cracking and thickness fluctuation of the steel strip with the same strength level, and improves the rolling stability. At the same time, the continuous annealing process was optimized and refined control was implemented. It took more than 3 months to successfully develop and stably produce ultra-high-strength square tube steel HC1300.