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4j52 alloy steel

    The alloy cannot be hardened by heat treatment.
    4j52 surface treatment process: before heat treatment, welding or glass sealing, the dirt and grease on the metal surface must be removed. When the oxide layer is serious, sandblasting or soaking in molten alkali solution before pickling can be used. Slight scale can be pickled with 25% hydrochloric acid solution at 70 ℃.

    Cutting and grinding properties of 4j52: the cutting characteristics of the alloy are similar to those of austenitic stainless steel. High speed steel or cemented carbide tool is used in machining, and coolant can be used when cutting at low speed. The grinding performance is good.

    4j52 variety specification and supply status:
    1. Variety classification: Shanghai Baoyu special alloy can produce various specifications of seamless pipe, steel plate, round steel, forging, flange, ring, welded pipe, steel strip, wire material and supporting welding materials.
    2. Delivery status: seamless pipe: solution + acid white, length can be fixed; plate: solution, acid pickling, trimming; welded pipe: solid solution acid white + RT% flaw detection, forging: annealing + turning; bar is in forging, surface polishing or turning polishing; strip is cold-rolled, solution soft and descaling; wire is delivered in solution acid wash plate or straight strip, solid solution straight strip fine polishing state.