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About spring impact test

    The springs used in the buffers of some construction machinery, transportation vehicles and the recuperators of guns often bear impact loads during their work. Springs subjected to impact loads have a fast deformation speed. For example, the deformation speed of the springs of some high-speed guns can be as high as 20m/s. Under such high-speed deformation, the spring deformation and stress distribution are very uneven, especially when the spring deformation speed is higher than the allowable transfer speed of the stress in the spring, it will cause stress concentration, resulting in permanent spring deformation, and even Fracture and damage. Therefore, impact tests are required for these springs. On the one hand, the impact test of the spring is to test the spring’s ability to withstand the impact load. On the other hand, it can also stabilize the spring size, improve the spring load capacity, and eliminate defective products. Usually a batch of springs are always sampled for testing, and all important ones can be tested.