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Analysis of metal stamping process

    Metal stamping industry is a very wide range of industries, deep into all aspects of the manufacturing industry, the use of punch and die iron, aluminum, copper and other materials, its deformation or fracture, to achieve a certain shape and size of a process.
    Metal stamping process can be divided into separation process and forming process. The purpose of forming process is to make the sheet metal plastic deformation without breaking the blank, and to make the workpiece with the required shape and size. Separation process is also known as blanking, its purpose is to make stamping parts along a certain contour line from the sheet metal, while ensuring the quality requirements of the separation section. In practical production, it is often a variety of processes applied to a workpiece. Blanking, bending, shearing, drawing, bulging, spinning and straightening are the main stamping processes.
    The surface and internal properties of metal stamping sheet have a great influence on the quality of stamping products, which requires that the thickness of stamping material is accurate and uniform; the surface is smooth and smooth without scratch and surface crack; the yield strength is uniform without obvious directivity; the uniform elongation is high; and the work hardening is low.