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Angang Group and XCMG signed strategic cooperation agreement

    On May 7, Tan Chengxu, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of Angang Group, held high-level talks with Wang Min, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of XCMG, and Wang Hui, chairman and party secretary of China Railway Materials. The three sides exchanged friendship, enhanced understanding and reached consensus on further exerting their respective advantages and deepening cooperation in various fields. Angang Group and XCMG signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
    Wang Min said that Angang Group is “the eldest son of the iron and steel industry of the Republic of China” and “the cradle of the iron and steel industry of new China”, and has made great contributions to the construction of the Republic. XCMG and Angang have a friendly history of cooperation and broad space for cooperation. It is hoped that both sides will give full play to their respective advantages, cooperate sincerely and strengthen docking, and take the signing of strategic cooperation agreement as an opportunity to open a new chapter of cooperation. Wang Hui expressed his gratitude to Anshan Iron and Steel Group for its support and help over the years. He said that China Railway Materials and Angang Group have always been hand in hand and closely cooperated with each other. The two sides have forged a deep friendship in extensive cooperation in various fields, and look forward to further expanding cooperation areas and achieving more fruitful cooperation results.
    Tan Chengxu welcomed the arrival of Wang Min and Wang Hui, and expressed his gratitude to XCMG and China Railway Materials for their concern, support and help to Angang. He said that Anshan Iron and Steel Group and Xugong Group have similar red genes, and both are in the leading position in their respective industries. Anshan Iron and Steel Group has a deep source of material cooperation with China Railway, and has established close cooperative partnership in several key projects. Looking forward to the future, Anshan Iron and Steel Group is willing to continue to strengthen cooperation in various fields with Xugong Group and China Railway Materials Co., Ltd., and constantly improve the quality of its own products and services. It is hoped that the three parties will give full play to their respective advantages, deepen communication and cooperation, and realize mutual benefit and win-win results.
    According to the agreement, Angang and XCMG have established a long-term development strategic partnership. Based on the cooperation principle of “openness and fairness, complementary advantages, mutual support and resource sharing”, the two sides strengthen cooperation in the fields of supply chain service and technology development, so as to promote the combination and healthy development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of both sides.