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Annual output of 7 million new energy auto parts project

    On the night of November 3, bate (300580) disclosed the announcement of the number of convertible bonds, and November 4 was the payment date of the central bank, which means that the convertible bonds issued by bester will be listed. It is reported that this time, BEIST issued 600 million yuan convertible bonds, plans to invest 7 million new energy vehicle functional parts and turbocharger parts construction projects annually, and supplement the working capital.
    The new energy vehicle functional components capacity to be added in the raised investment project of the convertible bonds issued by bester includes lightweight structure parts – vehicle charger module, lightweight structure – DC converter assembly, steering knuckle and hydrogen fuel cell shell. Mr. bester said the project could further enrich the product structure of the company in the field of new energy vehicle parts, conform to the development trend of the industry and enhance the competitiveness of the company in the new energy vehicle industry chain.
    Bester pointed out that the company has made efforts to develop high-quality new customers and lay out new energy vehicles in multiple directions. The company has passed Bosch China’s on-site audit of the company’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle parts and components, and formally obtained its supplier code. At the same time, the company passed the on-site audit of Tesla audit team, and obtained the qualification of preferred supplier, and formally obtained Tesla supplier code in February 2020.
    The data show that best mainly operates automobile parts, intelligent equipment, tooling and aircraft engine room parts. Among them, the products of auto parts business section cover the precision bearing parts of turbochargers, turbochargers impeller, turbocharger intermediate shell, turbocharger compressor casing, engine block and other fuel auto parts, hydrogen fuel electric turbine compression The new energy vehicle parts such as the casing, the hydrogen fuel electric compressor, the impeller, the bearing cover and the functional parts are completely milled.