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Application characteristics of refrigeration compressors

    The application of refrigeration compressor has the following characteristics:

    1. The cooling capacity of most fully enclosed piston compressors does not exceed 0.5KW, which are mainly used in household refrigerators/freezers and small commercial refrigeration equipment.

    2. The refrigeration capacity of scroll compressors ranges from 0.75 to 15KW (excluding special models), and most of them are between 3 to 5KW. The most applications are in small household air-conditioning and commercial air-conditioning systems. This type of compressor is not used for refrigeration conditions at minus 5 degrees. Mechanical House

    3. Centrifugal refrigeration compressors are mainly used for chillers under air conditioning conditions.

    4. The single screw compressor has a cooling capacity of 30kw-1500kw, which can be used in cold storage, artificial ice rinks, and chillers.

    5. The semi-hermetic piston refrigeration compressor has a wide range of uses. The cooling capacity of a single machine is from 3kw-100kw, and multiple heads can be used in parallel, so the cooling capacity can be provided from 3kw-1000kw, and it can be used in multiple working conditions. , And can be applied to air conditioning conditions.

    6. Turn on piston refrigeration compressors only commonly used in cold storage, very few chillers under air conditioning conditions.