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Basic knowledge of disc spring

    It has the advantages of small volume, large load, convenient combination and use, and the advantages of centralized load transmission.
    Various kinds of curves can be obtained by means of single piece combination, multi piece combination and mixed combination.
    In the mechanical industry, it replaces the cylindrical spiral spring in a large range, which reflects the characteristics of miniaturization and multi-function design of new products (main engine).

    For example, in the direction of load, the smaller deformation can bear larger load, and the axial space is compact. Compared with other types of spring, its deformation energy per unit volume is larger and it has better shock absorption capacity. In particular, the effect of absorbing impact and dissipating energy is more significant due to the friction damping effect of the surface.

    At present, it is widely used in national defense, metallurgy, engineering, power, machine tools, construction and other industries.
    Such as: mold, support hanger, clutch, brake, bridge buffer (damping) device, bearing preloading, safety overload device, heavy machinery, mechanical starter, control device, valve, industrial furnace, indexing device, clamping device, etc.