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Basic knowledge of metal stamping parts

    Metal stamping is sometimes called sheet metal forming, but there are some differences. The so-called sheet forming refers to the forming method of plastic processing with sheet metal, thin-walled tube and thin profile as raw materials, which is collectively referred to as sheet forming. At this time, the deformation in the direction of thick plate is generally not considered.
    China’s Stamping Market and technical level:

    Because many stamping plants belong to the main engine plant, the stamping parts market is not perfect and sound. However, the market of small stamping parts is very mature in some southern regions. From the current situation, there are the following problems in China’s stamping parts market

    (1) Some of the production capacity exceeds the demand, and some stamping plants in the main engine plant can’t let it go or hold it. Most of the year, the production task is insufficient and there is no market behavior.
    (2) The market competition of home appliances and electrical stamping parts industry is fierce. However, there are not many enterprises with international competitiveness.(3) No one studies the stamping parts market seriously. The stamping Market is in disorder.
    In the above market conditions, technological development is limited and the whole industry is backward
    (1) The overall level is low, many industries have excess production capacity and lack of high-grade technology. Technological progress is slow.
    (2) Material technology, mold technology, lubrication technology and equipment level are at a low level, far from meeting the needs of domestic production development.

    Metal stamping industry is a very wide range of industries, deep into all aspects of the manufacturing industry, in foreign countries stamping is called sheet forming. It is also called in our country. What is China’s stamping industry like, how foreign countries, how we go, this is our national concern.