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Bo County liquidation plan exposed, FAW Charli mixed dream broken!

    Bo county finally no longer struggle. On July 28th, the “Employee Placement Program” (hereinafter referred to as the “Programme”) in Tianjin Bo County flowed out. While acknowledging that the company has owed a large amount of wages, social security, provident funds, enterprise annuity and other compensation, the document also announced that the controlling shareholder financing efforts failed, the company has no possibility of returning to normal operations. This means that Tianjin Bo County is no longer “strong support”, and finally towards dissolution and liquidation, at this time just over a year after its establishment.
    The guaranteed salary of the internal and retired employees is only less than one thousand yuan.
    “Resettlement program”, to put it actually, is how to deal with employees. The document confirms that from August 1st to October 31st, 2020, Tianjin Bo County will enter a “closed” state, during which the employee’s salary standard will be paid in August according to the existing factory break standard, and in September and October 20th it will be paid according to the statutory minimum wage (not less than the statutory minimum living wage). Immediately after the end of the “closed business” period began to carry out “dissolution liquidation”, the staff placement program is divided into internal withdrawal and co-solution two kinds.
    An in-back means formal retirement. After signing the agreement, the employee is entitled to an internal retirement wage until he or she officially retires. Eligible Employees of Tianjin Bo County (male 50 years old, female 40 years old and above), etc., can receive an additional one-time grant of 10,000 yuan in August, 5,000 yuan in September and no subsidy in October. The paid guaranteed salary for the internal refund is 980 yuan per month.
    Examples of internal retreats. Internal retreat 1: male 55 years old (inclusive) or above, female technical post 50 years old (inclusive) or above, female skilled job 45 years old (inclusive) or above. Internal withdrawal 2: male 50 years old (inclusive) or above; female 40 years old (inclusive) or above; and 30 years of service (inclusive) or more. 』
    Co-solution, that is, consultation, lifting. The scheme is available to employees who are more than one year away from the legal retirement age on August 1st, and after the termination of the labor contract, the compensation standard is based on the average salary for the first 12 months of the co-dissolution and the working age of the enterprise (up to 25 years), and the august co-solution will receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan in September and no subsidy in October. In addition, as of December 31, 2020, employees who have worked in the enterprise for more than 20 years will receive additional benefits.
    Co-solution examples
    It is worth mentioning that the program also proposed that Tianjin Bo County before the payment of social security, provident fund, enterprise annuity, loans, etc., will be paid back, reissed, returned.
    832 employees are still waiting to defend their rights.
    In 2019, FAW Xiali established Tianjin Bo County Automobile Co., Ltd. through a joint venture with Nanjing Bo County New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., and 832 former FAW Xiali employees entered Tianjin Bo County to work, but since January this year, they have been in the plight of wage suspension and social security payments. On June 29 this year, Bo County Automobile Chairman and CEO Huang Ximing sent an internal letter acknowledging that the company had experienced serious operational difficulties and major cash flow problems, but would try to recover the actual losses and adverse effects on all parties.
    After waiting more than half a year, Tianjin Bo County finally put forward a dissolution liquidation plan, but this did not satisfy employees. “Who knows if the company has a centralized policy presentation?” I need to understand the policy and ask questions. “As soon as the document was released, employees updated the social platform and quickly resonated.
    Overall, the dissatisfaction of employees is mainly concentrated in three points: the compensation base is too low; This is mainly due to the placement of employees relatively older and less educated, in the face of the current automotive market environment, it is difficult to find a way out. “It’s hard to buy out or back down. Buy-out compensation is too little, the internal refund to 980 per month, to insist on formal retirement, how to live this day ah? “It is understood that the current staff are sorting out the claims, ready to defend their rights again.
    Founded in December 2016, founder Huang Ximing has many years of experience in vehicle chassis technology research and development services, so Bo County has always emphasized research and development as its core foundation, including technology, powertrain, structure, lightweight, AI intelligent networking and so on. The three platforms, the Boshire i-SP, i-MP and i-LP, as well as the electric SUVs Boshire iV6 (Parameters, Inquiries) and Bo county iV7, were unveiled in 2019, and Bos county said at the time that the model would be mass produced at FAW Charli PHASE II and delivered in the first quarter of 2020.
    In the first quarter of 2020, we waited not for new car deliveries, but for chicken hair. Bo county is finally in the development strategy, the pace of financing and resilience, what will the future look like? In particular, the resettlement programme proposes that Bo County will continue to explore cooperation with interested investors during the period of business. This seems to mean that although the Bo County car-building program is terminated, he may still reappear before us in a different capacity and posture in the future.