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Brembo officially announced the start of a new journey to provide intelligence and digitalization

    The global automotive industry is facing unprecedented challenges: electrification, autonomous driving, and digitalization are putting pressure on participants in the automotive industry, and more and more auto parts manufacturers are beginning to be involved in this huge wave of transformation.
    Recently, Brembo, a global leading brand in the field of braking systems, officially announced that it will start a new journey of providing intelligent, more sustainable, and digital products and service solutions.
    Brembo is an Italian manufacturer engaged in the engineering design, development and manufacturing of high-performance brake systems and components. In 1975, Ferrari began to equip its F1 cars with Brembo braking systems, after which Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Maserati and Porsche began to equip Brembo braking systems.
    Brembo held an online press conference through the innovative digital platform Brembo Next to announce the company’s new vision in the era of artificial intelligence and big data. At the same time, it released brand-new products and solutions, and also conducted discussions on topics of concern to the media. answer. Brembo believes that the challenges from electrification, autonomous driving, and digitization are just opportunities to explore new areas of the future market, and can help partners meet industry challenges.
    “No need to drive a car does not mean that there is no driving pleasure.” Brembo Senior R&D Director Alessandro Ciotti (Alessandro Ciotti) revealed that some of Brembo’s research and development projects have involved the field of autonomous driving, such as Brake- By-Wire (wire control) is a brake product suitable for high-end autonomous vehicles. In addition, autonomous driving also puts forward different types of requirements for braking technology. The first is the redundancy of the braking system, that is, safety. It needs to be under any circumstances, even in extreme situations, such as brake failure. , The power torque is controlled by high-level brakes, which is much higher than the requirements of today’s vehicles for brakes. Because there is no driver to predict and react to dangerous situations, higher braking system control capabilities are needed to avoid accidents. Therefore, autonomous driving has profound implications for the design of brakes and even the design of individual brake components. Impact.
    “At the same time, in principle, there is a brand new content that cannot be ignored-network security.” Alessandro Ciotti said that when you are using a fully electronically controlled system, network security reflects the ability to avoid external threats, which not only affects the structural design of the electronic system itself, It also affects the design and implementation of individual components, and even individual components. Brembo and some partners from all over the world are actively participating in research and development in this field to comply with the requirements of autonomous driving for braking technology and take the lead. get ready.
    At the press conference, Brembo also demonstrated the latest technological achievements of two companies. New brake disc Greentive, a technical solution that uses innovative coatings to reduce brake dust emissions. Its uniqueness lies in the use of high-velocity oxygen gas spraying (HVOF) technology to coat a new protective layer on the friction ring to ensure a very low degree of wear, thereby greatly extending the service life of the brake disc, and at the same time Reducing brake dust helps reduce brake emissions and maintain cleaner rims. In addition, the coating of the new brake disc has high corrosion resistance, which is very suitable for a new generation of electric vehicles.
    Enesys is the second achievement of Brembo, a new generation of brake spring technology that can further improve the efficiency and performance of the vehicle’s braking system, while helping to reduce vehicle emissions.
    Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci (Daniele Schillaci)
    This new journey fits Brembo’s new vision for the future-“turning energy into inspiration”.
    “We have entered a new era empowered by artificial intelligence and big data,” said Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci (Daniele Schillaci). “Our new vision reflects the changing times and is Brembo’s future points the way. We plan to become a true digital company and provide digital solutions. To this end, we will create excellent R&D centers in major regions around the world to further strengthen our innovation capabilities on a global scale. We hope that Artificial intelligence and sustainable development technologies are integrated into our solutions to become the cool brand that young generations desire in the future.”