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BYD releases 1.5T cloud engine with 20% power and torque boost

    At a time when booster engines are mainstream, what exactly is good booster power?
    On July 24th Ferdi Power, which had taken the lead in the 2.0 era of booster power, handed over its first answer. At the 23rd Chengdu International Auto Show, Ferdi Power released its new fuel-powered brand, “Yuyun”, and its first 1.5TI high-power powertray. With outstanding power and torque performance, the new 1.5TI high-power powertray achieves the perfect balance of power, fuel consumption, emissions, NVH, price and reliability for the first time, meeting the full expectations of consumers in mature markets for a premium power. The powertrain will be the first to be launched in September in BYD’s new sensory wide-fitting B-class SUV Song PLUS, with super-sensing power to bring it extraordinary value.
    BYD has released a new 1.5TI high-power powertrain for The Cloud.
    Strong performance is not biased, leading the power experience 2.0 era.
    The release of the new 1.5TI high-power powertrans is the first product of The Ferdi Power Fuel Power Brand “Yuyun”, which means “strong power, endless, wayeable galloping, moving with the heart”. This 1.5TI high-power power with super power, exceptional economy, ultra-quiet NVH experience, as well as ultra-high reliability and other four characteristics, fully lead the power experience into the 2.0 era.
    Cloud’s new 1.5TI high-power engine.
    In terms of power, the new 1.5TI high-power powertray has a maximum power of 136kW, significantly surpassing the current sales of the same displacement products, in the mainstream peer products the strongest performance. The maximum torque is 288 niu Mi, surpassing the European and American Japanese god machine. Power and torque increased by 20%, while achieving a global mainstream power leadership level.
    In terms of fuel economy, the thermal efficiency of the whole machine reaches 38% of the industry-leading, with the transmission efficiency of 95% of the new 7-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission, to achieve a 100 km fuel consumption reduction of 15%. At the same time, this gold power combination delivers the ultimate economical experience at all times.
    In terms of NVH, in response to the demand for high-quality vehicles, Yanyun’s new 1.5TI high-power powertray reduces power system noise from the source, and in the full-speed range, the noise value has reached the industry-leading level, while in the common speed range, it is refreshed the optimal level of the authoritative database industry. At the same time, the noise of the vehicle’s driving powertrans is further reduced thanks to the power of the new 7-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission. The noise of the measured powertrain is 2-4 deduceds lower than that of the joint venture products of the same class.
    In terms of reliability, under The Ferdi Power’s unique and demanding testing system, the Cloud 1.5TI has been tested for twice the durability required by the national standard and has far greater reliability than expected. In particular, for Chinese users for the transmission smooth economy, reliable and durable a variety of needs, the new 7-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission has also been fully upgraded, focusing on improving the smoothness of low speed and frequent shift, in the transmission efficiency of up to 95%, the durability of the traditional AT transmission design life is 25% higher than the average design life standard.
    Yanyun’s new 1.5TI high-power powertranss solves the consumer pain point of the booster power 1.0 era, perfectly realizing the advance and balance of the six elements of power, and leading China’s new power experience into the 2.0 era with outstanding performance.
    The technical level of the world’s leading, tempering the new strength of China’s machine emperor.
    As an innovative pioneer of the Global Powertrain, Ferdi Power was officially launched in 2019 and was formerly part of BYD’s Powertrain business unit. Since 2003, we are committed to the development of powertrans and new energy solutions as a whole. As early as 2008, Fodi Power launched the world’s first mass-produced plug-in hybrid system, and won the China Patent Gold Award; Fordy Power is an industry leader in the development and application of a number of power products.
    Cloud’s new 1.5TI high-power engine.
    Ferdi Power’s global research and development system continues to expand and mature, gradually bringing together more global wisdom. In the development of next-generation power products, Fodi Power and AVL, FEV, Ricardo and other world’s top power research and development institutions in performance simulation, testing and NVH engineering and other fields of in-depth cooperation, with the world’s top technical standards, to hone the highest quality performance with comprehensive performance.
    Adhering to the concept of a high starting point and a global vision, Yanyun’s new 1.5TI high-power powertranses are advanced across the ages in high-efficiency air-infested systems, advanced combustion systems, and intelligent thermal management system technologies. The new engine also features dual-channel turbochargers, electric turbochargers, mid-range VVT mechanisms and many other technologies, resulting in a 36.7% increase in low-speed torque performance and a 40% increase in low-speed responsiveness, making it more suitable for urban road conditions and frequent start-stop usage scenarios. At the same time, under the premise of ensuring high power response performance, the application of light Miller cycle technology, combined with high rolling flow ratio air inflow and 350bar high-pressure direct injection system, contributes to high fuel efficiency level, further improving emission and fuel consumption levels.
    New 7-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission.
    Not only a significant improvement in engine technology, for Chinese users for the transmission smooth economy, reliable and durable a variety of needs, the new 7-speed wet dual-clutch automatic transmission has also obtained a number of technical upgrades, greatly improved the control accuracy of the implementing agency and smoothness, to achieve the transmission in different operating conditions of the response capacity and shift quality leap.
    Yan yun will be the first Song PLUS september launch, for users to bring a super sense of the new experience.
    Yanyun’s new 1.5TI high-power powertray will be the first to ride in Song PLOS, will be practical practice “1.5T Chinese machine king” new standards, to help Song PLUS this dynasty family of supernova for Chinese users to bring a super-feeling new experience, so that the pigmented and powerful Song PLUS to become a real city quality youth super-feeling ride. Song PLUS, which is scheduled to go on sale in September, has an estimated price range of 120,000-150,000, and will provide a more textured experience for young consumers, making it the most hard-core product for young people to miss.