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Can I use tinplate for mobile phone shields?

    Can I use tinplate for mobile phone shields?
    1. When tinplate is used as a shielding material, will it rust in its shortcomings? How to solve if rust? Can there be better materials?
    ¬†Tinplate can be used as a shielding cover. It is one of the most widely used materials at present. It is cheap and has good processing performance. However, it is relatively easy to rust among all shielding materials, which affects the welding performance. This is its only defect. . If short-term prevention is still possible. After all, it takes time to rust! Electroplating is not the best way to solve the problem. My supplier will apply a layer of anti-rust material to the welding area and do an ultrasonic cleaning before delivery. However, it is better to use foreign white copper. Although it is a bit more expensive than tinplate, its performance is much better than tinplate. Generally, we also recommend “foreign white copper” first ^_^
    2. Is tinplate suitable for mobile phone shielding? What other materials can be used?
     The most commonly used materials for mobile phone shields are nickel silver and tinplate. Both materials have very good welding performance and the surface is tin-plated! But the above mentioned that the tinplate fracture is easy to rust, but the mobile phone must pass the salt spray test, so it is better to use nickel silver. The shielding cover is also made of stainless steel. Due to its poor weldability, it can only be used on a small number of accessories or components that do not require welding!