Causes of bearing heating and its elimination methods

The reason for the heating of the moving bearing and…
The cause of heating of rolling bearing and its elimination method

(1) Reason: Low bearing accuracy

Method: Choose bearings with specified accuracy grades.

(2) Reason: The spindle is bent or the box hole is not concentric

Method: Repair the spindle or box.

(3) Reason: The belt is too tight

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Method: Adjust the belt to make it tight.

(4) Reason: Poor lubrication

Method: Choose lubricating materials of specified grades and clean them appropriately.

(5) Reason: Low assembly quality

Method: Improve assembly quality.

(6) Reason: the bearing inner and outer shell running circle

Method: Replace the bearing and related wear parts.

(7) The axial force is too large

Method: Clean and adjust the gap between the seal ring and the gap between 0.2~0.3mm, correct the diameter of the impeller balance hole and check the static balance value.