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Cold forming skills of metal shrapnel

    1. The torsion bar is made of 45 steel with high purity and high frequency quenching to obtain high hardness and large residual shrinkage stress, and then improve fatigue life and anti loosening ability.
    2. The outer diameter, pitch and wire diameter (three changes) of suspension hardware shrapnel have been finished without molding. Since the development of sanbian hardware shrapnel, conical steel bar has been used for winding processing on CNC lathe, but the yield and quotation are not ideal. Now it is changed into heating state, after coiling spring machine, the roller speed and drawing force are controlled to obtain the required cone shape, and the processing waste heat is used for quenching.
    3. The hollow and stable metal spring rod is rolled and welded with low carbon boron steel plate.
    4. The sheet metal spring which is widely used in electronic products is basically formed by stamping and active bending. At present, the first and foremost task is to develop composite data linking skills.