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Common types of spring wire

    Common types of spring wire:
    1. Alloy spring steel wire
    The common steel grades of alloy spring steel wire are 60Si2MnA, 50CrVA, etc. Generally, the products are delivered in cold drawn state and annealed state (50CrVA is mostly in polished state). According to customer’s demand, steel wire in other state can also be supplied.
    Most of the steel wire is used in military industry, and the rest is used in motor vehicle spring. The current standard is: GB / t5218-1999.
    2. Carbon spring steel wire
    The common steel grades of carbon spring steel wire are 70 ᦇ, 65Mn and T9A. The difficulty in the production of the steel wire lies in ensuring sorbite microstructure, high strength and high toughness. Lead bath treatment of wire rod solves this problem.