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Continuous shallow groove hydrochloric acid spring steel pickling process

    (l) Main process
    The main processes are hoisting, transportation, steel turning, feeding, centering, positioning, straightening and shearing.

    (2) Process operation

    The process operation process is:

    1) The bridge crane uses clamps to hoist the hot-rolled coils on the coil conveyor, and the conveyor is driven to send the coils into the turning steel


    2) The steel coil is turned 90 by the steel turning machine. It is horizontal and placed on the feeding walking beam. The feeding walking beam is divided into No. 1, 2

    There are 9 coils in the two sections. The coil spacing is 2. 15m. In the third roll position of the walking beam No. 1, centered by photoelectric

    Device to control the centering of the coil.

    3) There is a coil preparation station at the fifth coil position (the end of the No. 1 walking beam), where the strip head is straightened,

    Cutting and sampling operations.

    4) The coils that have been processed and prepared are rotated in the tight coiling direction by the traveling roller on the walking beam to make the coils and strips

    The head is in the horizontal position, and then the coil is transported forward by the second walking beam.

    5) When the coil is sent to the end of the No. 2 walking beam, the outer diameter of the coil will be measured by the light wave measuring device to

    It provides data for coil positioning and centering and selection of unit operating parameters. After that, the coil is sent to the coil trolley.

    6) After the coil trolley transports the coil to the set position, it holds the coil and rotates 900 to keep the coil and the unit working line

    In the vertical state, the coil is positioned, that is, the height of the coil is adjusted and positioned by the photoelectric control device. At this moment

    The magnetic guide roller above the coil is lowered, adjusted, and sucked up the strip head to run synchronously with the positioned coil trolley, and the coil

    Send to unwinding position. At this time, the last coil has been uncoiled and restored to the receiving state.

    Schematic diagram of continuous shallow groove hydrochloric acid spring steel pickling unit

    1- chain conveyor; 2 steel turning machine; 3-Xt medium and small car; 4-1 walking beam; 5 steel coil preparation station; 6 steel coil diameter measuring station; 7 steel coil trolley;

    8-Magnetic lead roller; 9-Uncoiler; 10-Seven-roll straightening machine; No. 11-1 side guide device; No. 12-1 cross-cutting shear; No. 13-2 side guide device:

    14-Mibach welding machine; No. 15-1 S roll; No. 16-3 control roll; 17-Guide roll; No. 18-2 S roll; No. 19-1 control roll; 20- Measuring roll;

    21-2 control roller; 22-A port looper; 23-left and right slewing support roller; 24-1 heating device; 25-1 acid storage tank;

    26-Flushing water tank; No. 27-2 acid storage tank; No. 28-2 heating device; No. 29-3 acid storage tank; 30- Condensate water tank;

    No. 31-3 heating device; No. 32-4 control roller; 33-squeezing roller; 34-export looper; 35-dryer;

    No. 36-6 Control Roller; No. 37-3 S Roll; No. 38-5 Control Roll; No. 39-4 S Roll; 40-Middle Edge Shear;

    No. 41-7 Control Roller; 42- Disc Shear; 43- Edge Cutter Shear; No. 44-5 S Roll; No. 45-2 Crosscut Shear;

    46-scrap car; 47-lead roller; 48-coiler; 49-unloading trolley