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Daily demand market of hardware spring

    The daily necessities industry and hardware industry, including lighters, toys, locks, door hinges, fitness equipment, mattresses, sofas and so on, have the largest demand for springs in terms of quantity, with tens of billions of pieces. The technical requirements are not high and the price is very low. Generally, they are produced by small spring factories scattered all over the country. They have unique advantages in cost, and it is difficult for large spring factories to compete with them. In recent years, the domestic market has a strong demand for daily hardware products, which has led to the growth of supporting springs. Therefore, new spring enterprises have been born from time to time. In the future, the market demand will grow at a rate of 7% ~ 10% per year. After China’s entry into WTO, the export volume of domestic hardware products has increased significantly, and the demand for springs has been pulled along with it. However, affected by the demand of international market and trade barriers, the international market has its uncertainty.

    Instrument and electrical appliance market begins to recover
    The typical products of instrument and electronic spring are brush spring, switch spring, camera spring, computer keyboard spring and instrument accessory spring. There are many leaf spring and guide spring in this kind of spring. Different products have different materials and technical requirements. In the past few years, the domestic instrument, electronic and electrical appliances industry suffered from the impact of imported products, generally depressed, and the spring manufacturers supporting it were dragged down. Recently, they have improved and tend to recover.

    Industrial and mineral products market in adjustment
    The market of industrial and mining products covers other industrial sectors except transportation industry, such as spinning machine cradle spring, chemical spring, power station switch and support hanger spring, bulldozer spring, etc. the material, technical requirements and technological process of the products vary greatly. The demand for springs is directly proportional to the market demand for production materials and the scale of infrastructure projects. In recent years, it has been affected by the industry Under the influence of structure, this market has been in a state of hesitation, and has rebounded recently, but it is still in the trend of adjustment.