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Deep strategic cooperation, new energy Powertrain

    On October 28, 2020, Shanghai Automotive Transmission Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Weimeisi new energy Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Jiading, Shanghai. The two sides have carried out in-depth cooperation in the fields of seven in one power supply electric drive assembly, new energy hybrid power system, three in one electric drive assembly, reducer, motor controller, on-board charger and DCDC.
    Based on their leading competitive advantages in the industry, the two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation in technology research and development, product manufacturing and market development. In terms of technology research and development, based on market demand, we cooperated to develop seven in one power supply and electric drive assembly, hybrid power system assembly and three in one electric drive assembly with market competitive advantages. In terms of manufacturing, the two sides, based on their existing manufacturing and supply chain advantages, cooperate in product manufacturing to maximize their respective supply chain advantages. In terms of product sales, both sides should give full play to their mature channel advantages and carry out product sales flexibly.
    The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement is a market-oriented innovative R & D cooperation, which will be conducive to the R & D and industrial chain advantages of SAIC transmission in the development of drive assembly, and give full play to the R & D and industrial chain advantages of Shenzhen weimaisi in power electronics, so as to realize complementary advantages and win-win development. More importantly, it will provide a reference for the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry and the common people Our green travel life brings real well-being.