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Design parameters of compression spring

    Necessary information of compression spring:

    (1) Control diameter (a) outer diameter, (b) inner diameter, installation guarantee dimension (c) inner diameter of casing, and

    (d) outer diameter of round rod.

    (2) Wire or bar size.

    (3) Material (type and grade).

    (4) Number of turns: (a) total number of turns and (b) right-handed or left-handed.

    (5) Style of ends.

    (6) The load at a certain deflection length.

    (7) The load ratio ranges from several inches to one inch.

    (8) Maximum solid height.

    (9) The minimum compression height is used.

    Please indicate in the drawing: material diameter (d), outer diameter (d) free height (HO), total turns (n 1), number of working turns (n), pitch (T), screw direction: there are left-right rotation, commonly used right-hand rotation, those not specified in the drawing generally use right-hand rotation.

    Load is required to be filled with load (p 1, P 2 P I) and corresponding value (H1H2 HJ) or (F1F2 Fj)。