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Design principles of mold spring

    Design principles of mold spring:

    1. The choice of spring material allowable stress [τ] should be mainly considered to ensure the fatigue life of the spring. The dynamic life of the spring is generally divided into three categories:

    Class I: The number of alternating loads is 106;

    Class II: The number of alternating loads is 103-105;

    Class III: The number of alternating loads is less than 103;

    2. The material width-thickness ratio (a/b) should not be too large, and the winding of the spring should not be too small.

    3. When designing non-rectangular shaped cross-section springs, it is necessary to derive and draw curves or calculation formulas in different rotation ratios, different width to thickness ratios, deformation correction coefficients (τ) and shear stress correction coefficients (β).

    4. According to the given conditions and constraints, choose a design method that is simple to calculate and select reasonable parameters.