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Die base assembly on stamping die structure

    Die base assembly on stamping die structure
    In order to shorten the processing cycle of the stamping die, strengthen the precision of the die, unify the operation methods of the operators, reduce the abnormalities of the die production, and ensure the production quality and die life, the assembly process of the upper die seat of the stamping die is explained as follows.
    The upper die base assembly of the stamping die is completed in the following 10 steps:
    1. The circle of Φ 12.000 positioning hole and auxiliary guide pillar hole of splint is reversed R1.0 and polished
    2. The burr of the frame mouth shall be removed with a 600 mm oilstone or diamond file.
    3. Both sides of the formwork shall be leveled with 600 mm ~ 1000 mm oil stone to remove the burr.
    4. Use kerosene and alcohol to clean the mold surface and inner hole.
    5. The auxiliary guide sleeve is inserted into the lower template.
    6. Put the punch clamping part into the template frame, and check whether the punch is taken and placed smoothly. (do not put the punch in after closing, so as to avoid accidental breakage of the small punch)
    7. Fix the punch with a pressure plate. (note that the pressing plate should not be too close to the punch to avoid interference with the punch. )After the punch is fixed, there should be a small space for the punch to move naturally.
    8. Gently close the stripper and the stripper into the splint, and check whether there is interference in the yielding of the platen of the stripper. When the stripper is fully closed, there should be no gap between the stripper and the splint.
    9. After closing, the blanking punch should be more than 0.8mm (minus the material thickness) above the pressing surface.
    10. Put in the adjusting rod and the upper die adjustment punch, and rotate the screw until the adjustment punch is close to the effective height.