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Dongfeng love machine car stamping parts Co. , Ltd. was formally established!

    On the morning of August 3, 2020, the opening ceremony of Dongfeng Love Machine Automotive Stamping Parts Co., Ltd. (“Dongfeng Love Machine”), jointly funded by Ying zhi I, Wuhan Love Machine Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Dongfeng Mold Stamping Technology Co., Ltd., was held in Wuhan.
    Dongfeng Model Chong Chairman, Dongfeng Love Machine Legal Representative/Chairman Cai Shilong, Love Machine Group Chairman Yu Yuanmao, Wuhan Love Machine General Manager Oda Zhengdao, Dongfeng Model Chong General Manager Yang Liqun, Dongfeng Model Chong Party Committee Deputy Secretary Peng Chao, Dongfeng Model Chong Deputy General Manager Xia Shuming, Dongfeng Love Machine General Manager Ge Xisheng, Dongfeng Love Machine Deputy General Manager Liu Gang and management representatives attended the event.
    Ying zhi group is the main supplier of body structure parts of the Honda Group, Wuhan Love Machine Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is also Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co., Ltd. core parts strategic supplier, Dongfeng Mold Stamping Technology Co., Ltd. is Dongfeng Automobile Group Co., Ltd. is the only mold, welding integrated enterprises.
    The two sides have carried out friendly cooperation for many years and achieved good results. After exchanges and consultations, a consensus on cooperation was reached and a strategic alliance was concluded. The establishment of Dongfeng Love Machine is a strategic measure to conform to the globalization of economic globalization, the globalization of competition in the automobile industry, and the joint and common development of strong and strong.
    Dongfeng love machine will accept Dongfeng mold punch 3 workshop work as the beginning of production. In the near future, the company will import a large number of welding production and new hot stamping production, thereby expanding the business, but also to build their own technology development.