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Eight major developments in the field of temperature control in my country

    my country’s instruments and meters have been closely following the pace of international development in the realization of miniaturization, digitization, intelligence, integration and networking. It has increased the development and industrialization of parts with independent intellectual property rights, and has made significant progress. Among them, the major scientific and technological progress worth mentioning mainly includes the following eight aspects:

    1. Advanced industrial automation instruments and systems have realized modularization and full digital integration, meeting the requirements of industrialization, and are widely used in steel, electricity, coal, chemical, oil, transportation, construction, national defense, food, medicine, agriculture, environmental protection, etc. In this field, a solid step has been taken in the direction of having independent intellectual property rights.

    2. The research and industrialization of intelligent series of test instruments and automatic test systems have been greatly improved, and automatic test systems for various industries such as aerospace testing, electromechanical product testing, household appliance testing, earthquake monitoring, weather detection, environmental monitoring, etc. . The overall level has reached the level of foreign advanced products, and the selling price is significantly lower than that of foreign products.

    3. The successful development and mass production of the microwave and millimeter wave vector network analyzer marks that my country has become the second country in the world that can produce such high-precision instruments after the United States.

    4. The research and development of nanometer measurement and control and micro instruments with its own characteristics, the directional preparation of carbon nanotubes and the detection of structure and physical properties occupy a leading position in the world.

    5. Complete the complete electrical quantum standard and the 1.5×10-5 level national electrical energy standard device, making my country’s electrical measurement standards at the international advanced level.

    6. Launched scientific instrument research with independent intellectual property rights, which improved the overall level of scientific instruments in my country.

    7. Established a development mechanism combining production, teaching and research, and combining domestic and foreign scientific instruments, and broadened the application fields of scientific instruments, such as the development of spectroscopic instruments for successful customs anti-counterfeiting tickets. The country recovered huge economic losses. The market share of domestic scientific instruments increased from 13% during the Eighth Five-Year Plan to 25% at the end of the Ninth Five-Year Plan.

    8. The high-intensity focused ultrasound tumor treatment system was successfully developed and mass-produced. Ultrasound medical instruments have an international leading advantage in non-invasive treatment of tumors.