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Energy storage of the clockwork spring

    The clockwork spring is usually fixed at one end, and the other end is used as a torque. The clockwork spring is subjected to the bending moment, resulting in a spring force change. When we stop twisting the clockwork spring, the clockwork spring will naturally turn back and turn it The return force is called the energy of the clockwork spring. In order to fully utilize its energy, Daxin Hardware Factory uses the following four methods to prepare the energy storage of the clockwork spring:
    1*Energy storage solvent
    2*Mandrel positioning
    3*Install gear
    4*Use switch
    The clockwork spring and the energy storage melting device are as follows:

    A mandrel will pass through the center of the container for positioning. The clockwork spring will shrink together when rotating as shown below:

    When you stop twisting and loosen the melter, the clockwork spring will turn the melter. In order to make better use of some energy, install gears on the energy storage solution to facilitate other power or install switches.