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Factors affecting the structure and system of precision stamping die

    Factors affecting the structure and system of precision stamping die
    1. Cavity layout. According to the geometric structure characteristics, dimensional accuracy requirements, batch size, manufacturing difficulty and cost of precision stamping die, the number and arrangement of cavities are determined.
    2. Determine the parting surface. The position of parting surface should be conducive to mold processing, exhaust, demoulding and molding operations, and the surface quality of blanking parts.
    3. Determine the gating system (shape, position and size of main runner, runner and gate) and exhaust system (exhaust method, position and size of exhaust slot).
    4. Select the ejection mode (ejector, pipe jacking, push plate, combined ejection), and determine the side concave treatment method and core pulling mode.
    5. Determine the cooling and heating methods, the shape and position of heating and cooling groove, and the installation position of heating elements.
    6. According to the material and strength calculation or empirical data of precision stamping die, determine the thickness and overall dimension of precision stamping die parts, the shape structure and the position of all connection, positioning and guide parts.
    7. Determine the structure of main molding parts and structural parts.
    8. Considering the strength of each part of the mold, calculate the working size of forming parts.
    The above 8 steps are solved, and the structure of precision stamping die is naturally solved. Then hand draw the mold structure sketch, ready for the formal drawing.