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Features of round screw guard

    The round screw shield is mainly used to protect the screw, light rod, or protect the oil cylinder and cylinder on the machine tool. According to its manufacturing process, the round shield can be divided into two processes: steel wire support and stitching. The former is placed in The traveller can be stretched and compressed freely. The latter is suitable for the non-detachable smooth screw. It is easy to use by sewing on the zipper. The screw protection cover is divided into a steel belt protection cover and a rubber protection cover. It can protect the screw and shaft. Parts such as, optical machinery, etc. are not polluted by dust, iron filings, etc., and can be extended or compressed with the bed parts. Installed inside or outside the machine tool, and can be used vertically or horizontally.
    The exterior of the product is made of three-proof cloth and oil-resistant rubber, without trachoma.

    It is dustproof, waterproof, oil-proof, anti-emulsion and chemicals,

    The outer fabric is a three-proof fabric, with a hard traveler support inside, which can work normally at a high temperature of 110°C and a low temperature of -40°C.

    If the diameter and length are required, they are specified by the user. The use range of this product is 120mt/min.

    Code Name Data Remarks Code Name Data Remarks

    Lmax Stretched length D Outer ring diameter Rubber

    Lmin Length after contraction D1 Inner ring diameter According to user requirements

    L1 lower connection length d outer diameter of the connection

    L2 upper connection length d1 inner diameter of the connection