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Five billion yuan! Shandong starts to build the largest wind turbine and parts base in China

    Shandong Runlong wind energy equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Huimin County Development Zone for the construction of high-end wind power equipment manufacturing base with high power (more than 6 MW), which can form a complete wind power equipment manufacturing industrial chain after reaching the production capacity and build the largest high-power wind power equipment industrial base in China.
    The total construction area of the project is 1.3 million square meters, mainly including casting cleaning workshop, coating workshop, general assembly workshop, wind blade workshop, flange workshop, bearing workshop, modeling automation workshop, etc. More than 500 sets of modern production, processing and testing equipment and facilities such as CNC machining center, floor boring and milling machine, spray painting room, etc. have been purchased. After the completion of the project, the total production capacity of the project is 300000 tons of wind power products, realizing the annual production capacity of 2000 sets of wind power equipment.
    The total investment of the project is 5 billion yuan, invested and constructed by Beijing Runlong new energy Co., Ltd. It is planned to invest 500 million yuan in 2020. By April 24, 2020, the accumulated investment will be 140 million yuan, accounting for 28% of the annual plan.
    Features of the project: the project mainly produces high-power wind turbine equipment and parts. After the completion of the project, the key core technologies of wind power will be introduced, digested and absorbed from the initial stage to industrial production. The independent research and development capability of high-power wind turbine will be realized, and a complete wind power equipment manufacturing industrial chain will be formed, which will build a land with distinctive features, the largest in the north and the most complete industrial chain Shanghai Wind Power Industrial Park.
    The project has more than 30 patents of various wind power intellectual property rights and more than 150 full-time researchers. It is estimated that after the completion of the project, the annual output value will reach 30 billion yuan, and the tax payment will exceed 1 billion yuan, which will bring 3000 jobs to the local area, and will effectively promote the development of high-end manufacturing industry in Huimin County.