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Function and general situation of ground spring

    The floor spring is a kind of hydraulic door closer. Different from other springs, the device that compresses the spring is worm gear rather than rack and pinion.
    The floor spring is suitable for two-way open doors, because the worm gear of the floor spring can rotate forward and backward, so the ground spring is usually used in the outer doors of banks and companies, so as to facilitate the access of people. In the process of installing the ground spring, the weight of the door leaf should not be too heavy. Therefore, the door width and wind pressure on the selection of the spring type is the preferred factor. In addition, pay attention to the aspect ratio, that is, the ratio of height to width. If it is too out of proportion, the door leaf can not be used normally.

    From the angle of manufacture, the worm gear structure of the ground spring makes the compression degree of the spring smaller than that of the gear rack drive door closer, and the force arm of the floor spring closing the door is also short. Therefore, the quality of the ground spring is highly dependent on the structural design and machining accuracy. And the two-way door leaf plane has a great force on the ground spring, so in the price, the fluctuation range of the floor spring is large.
    There are many kinds of floor spring, but because of different detection methods, the opening times of American Standard, European standard and national standard are not comparable. The prices are not the same. As far as our Chinese standard floor spring is concerned, it generally meets the opening test requirements of more than 500000 times, and is applicable to the outer doors with low frequency and anti-theft requirements.