Function and technical parameters of HSV tensile testing machine

Features :
HSV type tensile testing machine is specially used for testing with HP series and NK series push-pull gauges. It has the advantages of stepless speed regulation; manual test and automatic test are optional; test times or test time can be preset; test times are automatically displayed; load overload protection; high-performance motor and other advantages. Wide range of application, easy to use, widely used in product push-pull load, plug-in force, damage test, fatigue test and other tests.
Technical Parameters:
Maximum load: 500N/1000N;
Stroke: 580 mm;
Test speed: 30~300 mm/min;
Dimensions: 360*255*1000(mm);
Net weight: 50 Kgs;
Counting function: 9999 working cycles can be set;
Signal input: When the set force is reached, it stops working immediately;
Safety: Voltage overload protection, limit protection and external overload automatic stop protection;
Power supply: AC 220V;