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GAC Group releases new digital projects

    The 16th Beijing International Auto Show GAC Group Press Conference was held on the morning of September 26. The GAC Digital Accelerator GDA project was announced, which clarified the three-year digital transformation goal and implementation path, and launched the brand new GAC Trumpchi M8 and Pure Electric convertible concept sports car “Shadow Motion”. The press conference was held by GAC Group, GAC Trumpchi and GAC New Energy with a large independent lineup. The venue was located at the GAC Group booth in Hall E1 of the China International Exhibition Center (Tianzhu) New Hall. The exhibition area reached 2,149 square meters. Concept cars and the Sell ​​21 star models, as well as display and experience of powertrain technology and healthy cars. At this auto show, GAC Trumpchi, GAC New Energy, GAC Honda, GAC Acura, GAC Toyota, GAC Fick, and GAC Mitsubishi seven major vehicle brands collectively made their appearances at the auto show, all showing their mastery and exhibiting star models. Show off cutting-edge technology and create a technological feast and digital feast.
    “Number” product: the new debut model Imagine and lead the future
    The digital drive of GAC Group is first embodied in products. Thanks to the electric drive to improve the acceleration performance of the car, GAC Group seized the new opportunity to explore the future with technological change, echoing the theme of the auto show “leading the future”, and released a pure electric hard-top roadster built by integrating global design resources -Shadow movement (ENPULSE). Shadow Motion combines the world’s top hard power in wind control and the dynamic attitude of a sports car. The body adopts a new type of “electroluminescent” paint to fully display the sense of electricity. Not only that, Yingdong has also creatively introduced AR-HUD technology and turned on the “racing mode” to give users the experience of driving a sports car like being in a game. Independent research and development, design innovation, GAC Group uses technology to ignite the imagination of “civilian sports car”.
    GAC integrates global design resources to create a pure electric hard-top roadster——ENPULSE
    GAC Trumpchi’s star model, the all-new Trumpchi M8 (hereinafter referred to as “Trumpchi M8”), was officially launched at this auto show. The new car has 2 series and 7 versions, priced from 179,800 yuan to 264,800 yuan.
    GAC Trumpchi star model new Trumpchi M8
    Trumpchi M8 series is GAC Trumpchi’s flagship product in the high-end MPV market. It has a second-row luxury first-class cockpit that surpasses the same level. It successfully rewrites the 200,000-class MPV market with high ownership, high value retention, and high market share. pattern.
    The new Trumpchi M8 is the latest product under the GAC Trumpchi’s digital strategy. It has four core advantages: luxurious and comfortable majestic appearance, luxurious experience courtesy cockpit, luxurious driving ace dynamics, and luxurious and intelligent smart technology; brand new The dual front face layout of “Lingyunyi” and “Tiantianyi” perfectly blends fashion and luxury; the cockpit has been further optimized and upgraded in terms of central control design, interior color matching, seat comfort, and air management, and it is the world’s first In -Joy’s MPV with four-screen smart connection and four-sound zone voice system will upgrade the first class cabin again. The third-generation 390T engine and Aisin 8AT gearbox have a maximum power of 185kW and a maximum torque of 390N·m. The power is surging and smooth, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 8.3L. It is equipped with ADiGO intelligent driving interconnected ecosystem. The three major aspects of intelligent IoT system and artificial intelligence have been greatly upgraded.
    GAC New Energy unveiled its hot-selling models such as Ian V, Ian S, Ian LX, showcased numerous EV and ICV black technologies, and released the world’s first high-performance two-speed dual-motor “four-in-one” integrated electric drive. GAC Honda launched its three-brand star products at the Beijing Auto Show and shocked the release of the 10th-generation Accord Star Limited Edition and the new VE-1. The fourth-generation Fit and Rui-Hybrid Alliance product matrix, which just went on the market recently, also made a big debut; in terms of luxury brands, GAC Acura exhibited a full range of products and showcased many cool models of the A-Spec family. GAC Toyota held a live broadcast on the theme of gratitude and feedback from 5 million car owners at the auto show. The “three families” of TNGA, SUV, and Shuangqing in the product matrix are all located. At the GAC Fick booth, the new Jeep Wrangler plug-in hybrid version was shining on stage. GAC Mitsubishi released the Chinese brand slogan “The Fun of Driving and Discovering”, and it also exhibited star models such as Outlander, showing a renewed corporate image.
    “Number” strategy: Digitalization drives the improvement of mobile life quality
    In the era of the Internet of Everything, digital wins the innovative future. GAC Group determined the strategic direction of digital transformation around customer experience, and officially launched the GAC Digital Accelerator GDA project in April this year, clarifying the three-year digital transformation goal and implementation path, and the project was officially released at this auto show. Feng Xingya, General Manager of GAC Group, introduced at the press conference: “GAC Group has achieved personalized marketing, intelligent large supply chain, collaborative product development, and transparency in management and control by building a big data platform and operation platform to build a full value chain of intelligence. The operating system has become a leader in the practice of digital business-driven Chinese car companies.”
    Feng Xingya, General Manager of GAC Group, released GAC Digital Accelerator GDA project
    The “infrastructure construction” of the two platforms is the primary task to consolidate the foundation of GAC’s digitalization. “Two platforms” refers to the creation of a big data platform and an operation platform, which serve as the core basis for GAC’s digital transformation. Under the premise of ensuring information security, the big data platform conducts professional analysis and insights on big data such as customers, quality, procurement, intelligent networking, etc., empowers front-end business departments, and ensures that GAC Group can continuously improve services in response to customer needs and achieve Data realization. The operating platform is committed to creating a digital operating model, based on digital budget management, clarifying systematic project portfolio management, and establishing a data governance model with three major tools: organization, mechanism, and standards; building a digital talent pyramid for GAC, creating agile culture and construction Collaboration ability, perfect training system, etc.
    With the strong support of the two platforms, the “Four Modernizations” have been achieved, namely, personalized marketing, intelligent large supply chain, collaborative product development, and transparency in management and control.
    Under this strategic layout, GAC has made great strides in the digital layout of its own brand business.
    GAC Trumpchi is adhering to the ideas and direction of the GAC Group’s e-TIME action plan, and officially released the “Digital Trumpchi” transformation strategy at this auto show, clarifying the blueprint for future digital development, and building a “passenger-shop-factory” centered on customer experience. “Business innovation in the Golden Triangle. Comprehensively promote digital modeling and testing at the factory side, carry out digital transformation of existing factories, and cooperate with component manufacturers to build a digital supply chain management system; comprehensively build digital smart stores on the store side, and promote “cloud exhibition hall” and “cloud car viewing” “Cloud experience” and other special services; on the client side, customers can make online reservations for convenient services such as “repair of free scooter” and one-click “emergency rescue”, as well as real-time online communication with manufacturers and distributors.
    As one of the implementation measures of the “Digital Trumpchi” transformation strategy, GAC Trumpchi released the “Golden Triangle Strategy” on the eve of the auto show. The strategy has established three major goals of “adding value to consumers, gaining distributors, and empowering the development of GAC Trumpchi”. Focusing on the three goals, GAC Trumpchi will continue to bring high-quality and high-value products according to changes in consumer demand, integrate global scientific and technological resources and continue to invest in driving technological innovation, and use digital technology to drive customer service capabilities to continuously improve. The three core measures of science and technology value-added, service value-added, realize the steady and high-quality development of GAC Trumpchi.
    GAC Trumpchi’s “Golden Triangle Strategy” drives customer service capabilities to continuously improve with digital technology.
    In terms of GAC New Energy, another business entity of GAC’s own brand, digital construction has been reflected in manufacturing, quality management, smart logistics, personalized product customization, marketing services, etc., building a smart ecological factory in all directions. GAC New Energy innovatively applied digital process design, built a 3D digital production line model for the entire process, and used the global data cloud platform for production process analysis and decision-making for the first time among domestic automakers, greatly improving production efficiency and quality control capabilities. Extensive use of lightweight materials such as aluminum alloy, as well as advanced aluminum riveting and spot welding switching technology, to create a “steel-aluminum hybrid” production line. GAC New Energy Smart Eco Factory can be called the world’s leading steel and aluminum body flexible factory. In addition, GAC New Energy provides in-depth interactive customization services, and users can participate in the product customization process through the APP. The “next-generation smart SUV” Aeon V, which was launched in June this year, provides rich customization options covering cruising range, smart health, luxury technology, autonomous driving, remote parking, etc., to fully meet the individual needs of users and create a “thousands of people”. “Car” high-quality smart car products.
    The digitalization of GAC New Energy is clearly reflected in its products. The Aeon V, which is newly launched this year, fully meets the individual needs of users and creates a high-quality smart car product with “thousands of people and thousands of cars”.
    Zeng Qinghong, Chairman of GAC Group, emphasized: “Promoting digital transformation is an important driving force for traditional enterprises to achieve innovation and development. We must seize strategic opportunities, strengthen synergies, and promote the digitalization of corporate strategy, product digitalization, digitalization of production methods, digitalization of business models, and digitalization of business management. “GAC Group is driven by digitalization to bring a brand new improvement to consumers’ mobile life quality, allowing consumers to experience the innovation of “product + service + experience”.
    “Digital” technology: two major technology hard cores of independent brands are released
    GAC Group is transforming into a technology-based enterprise. At this auto show, GAC’s two independent brand businesses all released “hard cores” full of technology. GAC Trumpchi officially released GAC’s new powertrain platform brand “Julang Power” technology brand. Powertrain products built on the basis of Julang Power fully meet the “National VI b” emission standards, bringing stronger power and more agility Response, lower fuel consumption. Among them, Julang Power Engine covers three platforms of 1.5L, 2.0L, and DHE, with gasoline engine combustion control system (GCCS) technology as the core, integrating high-efficiency supercharging, low friction, intelligent thermal management, low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation and real-time control technology. With the advantages of high efficiency and low fuel consumption, the fourth-generation engine has a maximum thermal efficiency of 42.1%, representing the world’s leading level of thermal efficiency of gasoline engine products.
    GAC’s new powertrain platform brand “Julang Power” technology brand officially released
    Julang Power Transmission covers three platforms: AT, WDCT, and DHT. It is equipped with GAC’s first electro-hydraulic control system. It applies dual clutch module, electronic pump and mechanical pump dual pump technology, which has faster shift response and more precise shift control. And higher transmission efficiency. The 7WDCT transmission has a comprehensive transmission efficiency of 96%, a maximum transmission torque of 400N•m, and a shift response as low as 0.2s. The G-MC electromechanical coupling system, which was awarded the title of “Top Ten Transmissions in the World”, uses GAC’s unique multi-speed dual-motor technology, as well as high-efficiency transmission and precise clutch control technology. The fuel-saving rate exceeds 35%, and the vehicle is equipped with low fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. To 4L.
    GAC New Energy released the world’s first high-performance two-speed dual-motor “four-in-one” integrated electric drive. Through the deep integration of dual motors + controller + two-speed reducer, it is upgraded again on the basis of the “three-in-one” electric drive, bringing 340KW violent power performance and up to 90% comprehensive drive efficiency, while increasing the power by 13%, while the volume Reduced by 30%, reduced weight by 25%, and has technical advantages such as multiple driving modes and OTA intelligent evolution, and has obtained more than 70 patents. The birth of the “four-in-one” integrated electric drive marks that Aian Power Technology has entered the 3.0 stage and will enable Chinese cars to accelerate from 100 kilometers into the era of 2 seconds.
    GAC New Energy released the world’s first high-performance two-speed dual-motor “four-in-one” integrated electric drive
    Technological innovation has also promoted the improvement of the industrial ecological chain. On September 7, Guangzhou Automobile Group’s first internal incubation technology innovation company, Guangzhou Juwan Technology Research Co., Ltd., completed the registration, marking that Guangzhou Automobile Group has taken a new step in the application of high-tech industrialization.
    GAC’s first internal incubation technology innovation company-Juwan Technology Research Co., Ltd. was registered and established
    Digitization has given enterprises the ability to ride the wind and waves. GAC Group will take the e-TIME action plan as a guide, take digitization as an important starting point for entering the “New Four Modernizations” track, and promote GAC’s high-quality development to a new level and move towards digital drive. The transformation of technology-based enterprises; contribute more to the development of China’s automobile industry and create more value for consumers’ mobile travel life.