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Grinding the spring to make finished products

    Spring is a very common thing in life. It is a mechanical part that uses elasticity to work. It is used to control the movement of the mechanical parts, ease the impact or vibration, store energy, measure the size of the force, etc., in order to enable the spring to accurately complete the functions prescribed by people, so fine processing is carried out on both sides of it. Therefore, in the spring production process, every processing step is a complex manufacturing technology.
    The spring is clamped between two grinding units for precision machining, and then the grinding units at the top and bottom of the machine move up and down, and simultaneously grind both ends of the spring until the total length of the spring reaches the specified value. Complicated motion planning is the key factor to complete high-quality grinding springs. Targeting the contact pressure on the spring (and the force caused by the spring tension) is an extraordinary challenge.
    Accurate measurement of the spring length is an important step in the grinding process, because the final length of the spring determines its main characteristics. The machine’s automation concept also enables the system to directly integrate measuring sensors. Fieldbus POWERLINK with real-time capability ensures that all measurements are fast and reliable.
    The last step of grinding the spring is to grind both ends of the spring so that the spring can be installed in the car suspension system according to the specification.