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Heat treatment recently launched metal heating anti-oxidation medium

    Modern heat treatment newly launched metal heating anti-oxidation media are:
    A: Powder medium

    B: Liquid medium

    Use method 1: Suitable for heating protection within 900°.

    Put the metal into the furnace and heat it to about 200°, and pour the B medium solution into a metal container according to the ratio of 100KG metal 50g B liquid medium, place it in the furnace, close the furnace door, and continue heating. When the metal is heated within 900°, a very thin protective film is formed on the metal surface to control the decarburization and oxidation layer within 0.04 mm, and protect the metal matrix from decarburization and oxidation.

    Use method 2: Suitable for 1300° high temperature heating protection.

    1. Clean the metal surface to be processed with organic solvents such as alcohol or acetone. A clean surface is the guarantee of subsequent quality.

    2. Use a clean brush to stick the powder A on the metal surface repeatedly to make it even, the thinner the better.

    3. After brushing, the metal surface cannot be held by hand to prevent damage to the film and affect the protective effect.

    4. After installing the furnace, heat to 200°, and add medium B according to method 1.