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Helium spring

    1. Basic performance parameters of nitrogen spring
    Of course, the design of nitrogen spring is to broaden the application range, which can be applied to various environmental conditions and different process requirements. However, the nitrogen spring recommended by us at present is generally used at room temperature. For high temperature environment, it should be discussed separately. Its use environment is: frequency response is not more than 40 times per minute; the movement speed of plunger or piston should be 30-40 M / min; the spare stroke is generally designed to be 3 mm; it can be used normally at normal temperature.

    2. Characteristics of nitrogen spring
    The characteristics of nitrogen spring can be summarized as follows:
    (1) In a small space, a larger initial elastic pressure can be generated, and the force transfer module will have elastic pressure as soon as it contacts with the nitrogen spring plunger. One nitrogen spring can replace multiple springs, and the mold height with nitrogen spring is much smaller than that with spring for the same working stroke;
    (2) The projectile pressure can be kept constant in the whole stroke;
    (3) According to the requirements of different cold stamping processes, the size of spring pressure and the position of stress point can be adjusted at any time, and the adjustment is accurate and convenient;
    (4) Simplify the structure of die pressure and discharge, simplify the mold design and shorten the mold manufacturing cycle;
    (5) Improve the quality of stamping parts, ensure the quality stability of stamping parts, shorten the time of replacing dies on the press, improve labor productivity and reduce costs;
    (6) Long service life, safety and reliability, simple, reliable and convenient installation and maintenance;
    (7) It is suitable for air cushion device without external power source.

    3. Design principle of nitrogen spring
    The working process of nitrogen spring using nitrogen as working medium can be approximately regarded as isothermal expansion and compression process. Therefore, Boyle Mariotte gas state equation must be followed.