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How to choose a spring machine according to your own situation

    How to choose a spring machine according to your own situation

    One, choose equipment according to the needs of your own products

    For tension springs, torsion springs, and circlips, choose a computer universal machine, for compression springs, choose a compression spring machine, for wire forming, choose a camless spring machine or wire forming machine, and for less demanding compression springs, choose a mechanical type. To make a simple torsion spring, choose a mechanical torsion spring machine…In short, the product absolutely determines the positioning of the equipment;

    2. Choose equipment according to your development positioning

    At the beginning, choose simple mechanical equipment. For difficult springs, choose special-shaped spring machine equipment, such as Yongteng spring machine. If the spring requirements are not high and the quantity is large, you can choose cam spring machine. From the development point of view, camless spring machines are the development trend. If you are making high-end products, you may choose German or Japanese machines for accessories for high-tech products such as cars, airplanes, mobile phones, and computers;

    Three, find a powerful machinery manufacturer to order equipment

    At present, the relatively well-known and powerful spring equipment manufacturers in China are: Yongteng, Kaixin, Max, Jinyuanfa, Zhejiang Wanneng, and Golden Lion. Basically all spring machines can be found in these manufacturers. The strong spring machinery manufacturers are Guarantee of quality and after-sales service;

    Fourth, we must choose spring equipment with good reputation and high market share

    The maturity of a machine and equipment is a process. There is no market inspection of 3-5 years. There is no way to evaluate the quality of the machine. If the equipment can be used at the beginning, it will be 3 months or half a year. A lot, that would be very troublesome. Feedback and word of mouth used by peers are the best witness;

    5. Choose equipment that has been tested in practice

    Generally speaking, more sophisticated investors will require proofing, even if it is paid proofing, it is worthwhile to invest several thousand yuan to test the stability and feasibility of hundreds of thousands of equipment production.