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How to process precision hardware terminal in stamping factory

    How to process precision hardware terminal in stamping factory
    Hardware terminals are widely used in various electrical components, such as connector terminals, plug-in terminals and other terminals. How does the stamping factory punch them?
    We all know that the accuracy of the terminal is relatively high, and the product is relatively small, which requires the stamping factory to have experienced master to make it. Because of the high precision requirements of his hardware mold, the accessories must be processed slowly. Only in this way can the precision terminals produced by the stamping factory meet the size requirements
    How to control safety operation process in stamping plant
    We all know that safety is more important when working in a stamping plant. It can be said that safety is the foundation of an enterprise. Why do you say so? Because the safety management is not in place, all aspects of the operation will not be smooth. So how is the factory managed?
    First of all, the stamping plant should carry out pre job safety training for all employees, and only those who have passed the training can they work. They should be strict and self disciplined and keep correct and sufficient mental state at work. The department head should always supervise the stamping plant site to avoid safety problems.