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Hyundai Motor Group announces new head

    On October 14, 2020, Netcom learned from Hyundai Motor Group’s official that, at the special board of directors held by Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors and Hyundai Mobis to discuss appointment matters, all members of the board of directors unanimously agreed that Hyundai Motor Group’s chief vice meeting Chairman Zheng Yixuan was appointed as the chairman of Hyundai Motor Group. At the same time, the former chairman Zheng Mengjiu will serve as the honorary chairman of the group.
    Before assuming the position of President of Hyundai Motor Group, Zheng Yixuan had a forward-looking vision and excellent leadership to control the main business during his two years as the Chief Vice President of Hyundai Motor Group. During his tenure as the president of Kia Motors, he successfully realized the revival of Kia Motors, led the healthy and orderly development and growth of Hyundai Motor during the global financial crisis, and successfully launched the luxury car brand Genises.
    After taking up the new role, Hyundai Motor Group will open a new chapter in history under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Yixuan. Adhering to the vision of “Together for a Better Future”, Hyundai Motor Group will continue to develop key technologies and strengthen its competitiveness in order to win opportunities in the ever-changing market in the post-epidemic era.
    Zheng Yixuan announced in his inauguration speech that Hyundai Motor Group will focus on “customers”, “humanity”, “future” and “social contribution”. He said: “All our goals and actions must be customer-centric. We must provide consumers with high-quality products and services, so that consumers can enjoy life and start a happy life.”
    Zheng Yixuan has always emphasized the need to be customer-centric and customer satisfaction as the goal for many years, and promote this concept to all consumers. At the same time, Hyundai Motor Group will also accelerate the transformation from an automobile manufacturer to a provider of future mobility solutions under his leadership.
    Provide tailor-made travel solutions based on the user’s lifestyle, and continue to seek breakthroughs in multiple fields such as autonomous driving, electrification, hydrogen fuel cell technology, robotics, and urban air transportation (UAM). In addition, Hyundai Motor Group will continue to advocate the development of a hydrogen energy ecosystem and apply hydrogen fuel cell technology widely, not only in automobiles, but also in various fields.
    Under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Yixuan, Hyundai Motor Group also uses IT companies as the transformation prototype, emphasizing the flexibility and agility of the group-Hyundai Motor Group will strengthen employee empowerment and encourage horizontal communication, and promote the development of corporate culture healthier , And simplify the decision-making process, improve timeliness and transparency, and strengthen market communication to create more value for shareholders.