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Improved spring precision

    The abundance and precision improvement of springs also require higher requirements for spring machines. At this time, German WAFIOS, Japan’s ITAYA, MEC and other companies have developed various CNC models based on years of technical accumulation. The equipment always stands at the top of the spring machine industry-mature technology, stable equipment, humanized control software, and rich and diverse auxiliary tools.
    Under the leadership of Northeast Spring Machinery, a number of companies producing spring machinery such as NUCOIL, HERDON, Xinda and so on have emerged. Compared with the technology of German equipment and the precision of Japanese equipment, Taiwan’s leader in Northeast has developed another way: relying on its own technical patent advantages and grasp of spring forming technology, it can bring its traditional model EN502S to full use. Extremely, with the wafios molding technology, it also reduces the cost of the machine to 1/3~1/2 of the same type of equipment in Japan. Of course, the accuracy is also the industry leader. A large number of imitators appeared in Taiwan
    Coincidentally, in my country’s Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions, with the hot sales of spring machines in Northeast China and the technological improvement of Luoyang machines, the domestic spring industry is booming. In the years from the late 1990s to the beginning of the century, spring machines were money printing machines. , At this time the original words of the spring production boss.
    In this way, the spring machine has become a hot product. Compared with the German equipment, which is often millions of dollars, the Japanese machine is also four or five million. Taiwan’s equipment manufacturers have quickly occupied the spring industry in the entire mainland with super high cost performance. Most of the country, Northeast Spring Machinery has thousands of customers.