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Improvement of foreign railway vehicles equipped with air automatic spring machine

    During the operation of railway vehicles, it is necessary to simplify the structure as much as possible, reduce the weight of the vehicle, and increase the running speed while ensuring absolute safety. Therefore, researchers are now improving the vehicle’s spring suspension system to reduce the vehicle’s natural frequency and improve the quality of operation. At present, air automatic spring machines have become more and more popular in the central suspension department of vehicle bogies.
    The first thing that started was the use of automatic spring machine equipment in the United States, and then a lot of research work on air spring machines was slowly done in many European countries. Therefore, bogies equipped with air springs have appeared one after another. Later, Japan began to conduct systematic research on the installation of air springs on vehicles, which provided valuable basic data for the design of air automatic spring machines. A series of work has also been carried out at the same time.
    Generally speaking, in Japan, bogies equipped with automatic air spring machines not only have a large number, but also a large number of types. In order to alleviate some unique constraints, air springs in restraint mode and air springs in free mode have been developed. Has a very good effect.