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Industrialization and mass production of super austenitic stainless steel plate

    Recently, Jiuquan Iron and steel Hongxing Co., Ltd. has staged a “double hero meeting” in product development. New products of 904L and 254SMO super austenitic stainless steel plate have been put on the market, with good feedback from users, and mass production has been realized.
    Super austenitic stainless steel is a kind of product with high molybdenum content and excellent corrosion resistance. Its corrosion resistance is greatly improved compared with 316L. Among them, 904L has excellent corrosion resistance to intergranular corrosion, pitting corrosion, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, especially in dilute sulfuric acid environment. It is widely used in chemical papermaking, sewage treatment and other industries.
    Following the 904L, the company 254SMO was born. 254SMO is a 6Mo type super austenitic stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance. It is widely used in harsh environments such as seawater desalination, flue gas desulfurization, pulp and paper industry.
    In the first quarter of this year, the stainless steel market was in a downturn, and the product prices continued to decline. The stainless steel branch of Jiuquan Iron and steel Hongxing Co., Ltd. actively implemented the action requirements of “quality improvement, efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading”, and took the initiative in the aspects of variety transformation, production capacity improvement, quality improvement, cost reduction, customer development and resource development, etc., and strengthened efforts to speed up the development and production of high-end products Products.
    Super austenitic stainless steel, with high alloy content and low carbon content, requires high purity of molten steel, has strong crack sensitivity and high temperature deformation resistance in the production process, and the billet is easy to become brittle, hot processing is difficult and requires high precision of equipment, which has always been the bottleneck of industrial mass production.
    The technical research team of stainless steel branch of Jiuquan Iron and steel Hongxing Co., Ltd. has systematically solved the technical problems in the production control process. Two super austenitic stainless steel plates, 904L and 254SMO, have been successfully produced. The mechanical properties and surface quality of multi specification products have reached the advanced level in the industry.
    At present, Jiuquan Iron and steel has realized the industrialization and mass production of 904L and 254SMO super austenitic stainless steel plate and strip, and is stepping up the development of 904L and 254SMO cold-rolled stainless steel plate and strip.