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Introduction of process steps of metal stamping parts

    If the metal stamping parts are classified according to the process, they can be divided into forming and separating processes. The index of forming process is to make the sheet metal plastic deformation without breaking the blank, and make the workpiece with the required shape and size.
    Separation process is also known as blanking, its purpose is to make stamping parts along the pre-set profile line from the sheet metal, while ensuring the quality requirements of the separation section. In the actual production, it is often a variety of processes operating together in a workpiece. Blanking, straightening, shearing, spinning and replacement are often used in stamping process.
    With the help of metal stamping machine, the main feature of stamping is to press the metal parts with no surface cracks or cracks According to the average strength, no appreciation bias; high average elongation; low yield ratio; low work hardening; stamping parts have high dimensional accuracy, the same as the average size of the die, with good interchangeability.
    No further mechanical processing is needed to meet the general assembly and use requirements; stamping parts are made by punching and pressing under the condition of little material consumption, and the parts have light weight and good stiffness. After the sheet metal passes through plastic deformation, the internal metal layout structure is lost and improved, so that the strength of the stamping part is improved. In the stamping process, because the inner part of the material is not good Broken and destroyed, it has a good inner quality, which provides any premise for inner painting, electroplating, phosphating and other internal disposal.