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Introduction to spring knowledge

    Standard spring: after heat treatment, the service life of the spring is prolonged, and the elasticity and toughness are excellent.
    5、 Six ring spring: five ring and six ring spring series design, because of the different elasticity of five and six ring spring, it can produce the effect of finger pressure massage and promote blood circulation.

    Six ring spring: the strong and tough spring has excellent elasticity. According to the lying direction of the human body, the human spine and the spring structure are arranged in parallel in horizontal posture according to the lying direction of the human body. It helps the spring comply with various human actions and produces parallel rebound force. It can maintain the horizontal extension posture of the human spine in sleep and protect your spine.

    Independent barrel type a spring: olive shaped spring particles made of 2.2mm high carbon steel wire are packed into cloth bags, which are odor proof, moisture-proof, mould proof and moth proof. The tensile force is stronger, which can keep the best condition of spring elasticity for a long time.

    Independent barrel B spring: the independent barrel spring can bear pressure individually, and the bag spring can reduce the friction between steel wires, and the springs do not affect each other, so you can enjoy quiet and silent sleep.
    Independent barrel AB spring: small diameter a spring is used at 1 / 3 of the center, and large diameter B spring is used on both sides. The middle of the whole mattress is hard and the two ends are soft. Back protection design, strengthen the central support, provide perfect support, fully fit the curve of the human body, so that the whole body can be fully relaxed and protected.

    Beehive independent barrel: the spring grains are arranged alternately to increase the bearing capacity of the whole bed. The springs are arranged in series according to the lying direction of the human body, so that the spine of the human body is parallel to the spring structure, which has the effect of massage.

    A steel wire spring: a steel wire spring is crossed into S shape, with a stronger structure. It has 49% more stress area than the general spring, which can make the mattress stress average and provide more comfortable sleep enjoyment.
    Open spring: the six ring open spring structure has the advantages of traditional spring pressure resistance and bag spring free of interference. The jointless spring structure has the advantages of avoiding noise and good elasticity.
    1 / 3AB spring: it is characterized by a strong and small caliber A-type spring at 1 / 3 of the center of the mattress, and a large-diameter b-spring at both ends. It strengthens the central support design, provides perfect supporting force, fully conforms to the human body curve, and fully relaxes and protects the spine.

    Double layer spring: using the American design concept, the two-layer spring fully shows the high elasticity of the spring, and double-layer apportions the weight of the human body, making sleep more intimate.