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Knowledge of floor spring fire door

    Due to the general concern of the society, fire doors, fire windows, fire shutter doors, sound doors and so on are very popular. Recently, I searched for a different fire door in the rain to share with everyone.

    The floor spring fire door is not a floor spring door, nor a general fire door, nor a general glass door! It is a new type of fire door that the fire glass is installed in the qualified fire door frame according to the fire prevention requirements, and the fire and smoke strips are used around the door frame, which solves the problem that ordinary spring doors can not be used as fire doors, and that ordinary fire doors cannot be made into floor spring doors. It is a new type of fire door 。 Ordinary spring doors are not fireproof. At present, most of the qualified floor spring fire door products have passed the inspection of the national fire prevention authority. There is an announcement on the public security fire product information network, which meets the fire protection requirements and can pass the fire inspection. It is a high-grade fire door.

    In addition, the fire resistance rating of fire doors are: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes, 72 minutes, 190 minutes, 120 minutes, 180 minutes, etc.
    Pay attention to fire doors, fire windows, and our life safety.