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Maintenance of drawing die for metal precision stamping parts

    In addition to the reasonable die structure, ultra-high manufacturing accuracy, outstanding processing function and the correct selection of punch, drawing stamping device accuracy and other elements, the correct use, maintenance and protection of the die can not be ignored. So what are the maintenance items of metal precision stamping parts drawing parts mold? Let’s take a look at it
    1. Regularly inspect the turntable and die mounting base of the punch press for drawing precision metal stamping parts to ensure the coaxial accuracy of the upper and lower turntables.
    2. Before installation and use, the precision metal stamping parts of stretching parts should be strictly checked, and the dirt should be removed. Carefully check whether the guide sleeve and die of the drawing stamping parts are well lubricated.
    3. In order to ensure the service life of the drawing precision metal stamping parts, the spring of the die should be replaced regularly to prevent the spring fatigue damage from affecting the use of the drawing stamping parts.
    4. The stamping personnel should use soft metal (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) to make operation tools when installing the mold, so as to prevent damage to the stretching stamping parts when knocking and smashing during the installation process.
    5. When the punch and die edge of drawing precision metal stamping parts are worn, they should be stopped in time and sharpened in time, otherwise the wear degree of die edge will be rapidly expanded, the wear of die will be accelerated, and the quality and life of die will be reduced.
    6. According to the installation procedure of the die, install the punch and die on the turntable to ensure the consistent direction of the convex and concave drawing stamping parts, especially for the drawing stamping parts with direction requirements, it is necessary to pay more attention to prevent wrong installation and reverse installation.
    In order to prolong the service life of the metal precision stamping parts, the maintenance precautions of the die can not be ignored. The above are the maintenance items of the drawing parts of the hardware precision stamping parts.