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Maintenance of precision stamping die

    Maintenance of precision stamping die
    In the long-term continuous stamping process, the main working parts of precision stamping die include blanking punch, die, side edge, punch and die Due to natural wear, accidental damage and accidental accidents, the punching die can not work normally and the production can not be interrupted due to the cutting edge parts such as scrap cutter and forming punch and die with different die cavities. Therefore, the precision stamping die must be properly repaired.
    1) Temporary emergency repair
    In the process of stamping, the die must be stopped for repair or grinding, which is generally called temporary emergency repair.
    (2) Pre inspection repair
    In the production preparation stage, the planned inventory dies are inspected and the stored dies are routinely inspected to ensure that the production can be carried out normally and smoothly, and the storage molds are in good condition. During the inspection, it is found that the performance of the die is poor, the technical state is not ideal, and even the edge is blunt, cracked, chipped, the spring is broken, and the bolt is deformed and loose And other hidden dangers can be found in time and solved through planned repair or grinding.
    The above two kinds of precision stamping die repair methods are used at the same time. Under normal circumstances, as long as the preventive repair and timely grinding, the temporary emergency repair will be reduced.