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Matters needing attention in opening of metal spring

    Matters needing attention in opening of metal spring
    In the process of stamping metal shrapnel in shrapnel factory, the high-speed punch is used, and the danger degree is relatively high. Improper operation will affect the service life of the mold and the operator. In order to ensure the life of the mold and the integrity of the staff, we should pay attention to the following matters when opening the mold.
    The shrapnel factory usually asks the stamping staff to check whether the carrier plate of the feeding port of the die has been loosened before pulling the die.
    For the position of hinge hole on the door panel, consider whether it is convenient to install and punch the hole into a circle to facilitate fine adjustment up and down.
    When the mold is pulled by two people, one pulls outward and the other pushes backward. After screwing the screw hole of the lower die base, both hands can be lifted up a little at the same time and then pulled out. Do not push back at the same time to push the die out of the punch platform.
    The gap in front of the hinge and the door frame must be considered for the hinge hole on the gantry. The welding position of the three hinges is very important, and the concentricity requirement is high. When punching the hinge hole, two more positioning hinge holes should be punched, and when processing the hinge, two more bumps should be punched on the hinge, corresponding to the hole on the door panel.
    When the die is pulled away from the punch, the die car shall not turn too fast to prevent the guide plate and material support plate from hanging on the punch or the sound insulation cover of the punch, causing damage to the die parts or sliding of the die.
    Abnormal lower mold can be no longer started operation, especially after the mold height stop column is padded with glue.
    When the mold is shut down normally, the mold must be started and operated until the guide needle enters the round hole of the material belt. To prevent the material backwardness caused by the feeder not holding the material when there is no air pressure. It is forbidden to stop the mold at the starting point, which can easily reduce the service life of the spring in the mold.