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Mold maintenance and maintenance

    1: After the mold is used for a long time, the cutting edge must be sharpened, and the cutting edge surface must be demagnetized after grinding, and it cannot be magnetized, otherwise it is easy to cause blockage.

    2: Springs and other elastic parts are most easily damaged in the course of use, and usually break and deform. The method adopted is to replace. During the replacement process, you must pay attention to the specification and model of the spring. The specification and model of the spring are confirmed by the color, outer diameter and length. Only when the three items are the same can they be replaced.

    3: The punch is prone to breakage, bending and gnawing during the use of the mold, and the punch sleeve is generally gnawed. The damage of the punch and sleeve is generally replaced with the same specifications. The parameters of the punch mainly include the size of the working part, the size of the installation part, and the length dimension.

    4: Fasten the parts, check whether the fastening parts are loose or damaged, the method adopted is to find the same specifications for replacement