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Nesting in Shanghai! Yuhuan Auto Parts Industry Innovation Enclave Opens in Shanghai

    On the morning of August 18, the Yuhuan Auto Parts Products (Shanghai) Science and Technology Talent Enclave was officially launched at the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing and Certification Technology Research Center.
    In order to actively integrate into the Yangtze River Delta, undertake high-quality scientific and technological innovation talent resources in Shanghai and other places, and promote the formation of an industrial transformation model of “R&D incubation in Shanghai and intelligent manufacturing in Yuhuan”, Yuhuan City, after preliminary inspections, has made clear A Shanghai enclave for auto parts will be built in the Motor Vehicle Testing and Certification Technology Research Center (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Auto Inspection). On July 4, at the Yuhuan Investment Promotion Conference and the Signing Ceremony of Major Projects of “Integrating Shanghai with the Tide from Yuhuan”, Yuhuan City signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Auto Inspection.
    As the first technological innovation enclave deployed by Yuhuan in Shanghai, it is an important technological innovation window for Yuhuan in the Yangtze River Delta region and an important strategic cooperation between Yuhuan City and Jiading District in the field of technological innovation.
    Shanghai Auto Inspection, located in Shanghai Anting International Automobile City, has a wide range of domestic and foreign vehicle and OEM resources and advanced technology foundations. It can provide Yuhuan auto and motorcycle parts enterprises with quality services such as innovation incubation and information consultation. Among them, the positioning and development direction of the newly-built intelligent networked new energy vehicle innovation incubation center in 2016 is in line with the new “electrification, network connection, intelligence, and lightweight” proposed by the provincial auto parts industry innovation service complex in Yuhuan City. The concept and the new direction are just right, which can achieve complementary advantages, common improvement, and mutual benefit.
    Zhuang Daofang, chairman of the Yuhuan Automobile and Motorcycle Parts Association and general manager of Zhejiang Huanfang Automobile Electric Co., Ltd., said: Due to location reasons, Yuhuan cannot keep up with the current pace of development of automobile technology in terms of talent introduction, R&D and innovation, and the science and technology talent enclave platform , Can help enterprises and the whole industry connect with Shanghai’s talents, resources, information and other advantages, provide good opportunities and platforms for enterprise development, and promote the innovation and upgrading of industries and enterprises.
    Yuhuan is one of the earliest auto parts industrial clusters in China. There are more than 1,700 auto parts manufacturing enterprises, including 321 enterprises above designated size, 73 enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan, and 2 main board listed enterprises. Home. In 2019, the auto parts industry in Yuhuan City achieved an output value of 45.823 billion yuan, accounting for 30% of the city’s industrial output value.
    Yan Daoming, director of the Yuhuan Science and Technology Bureau, said: Next, the enclave will make full use of the advantages and resources of both parties to build a bridgehead for Yuhuan’s G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor in the Yangtze River Delta, a liaison station for Yuhuan auto parts companies in Shanghai, a meeting room and The publicity window of Yuhuan’s auto parts industry promotes the full development of Yuhuan’s technology, talents and industry.
    On the same day, at the opening ceremony, participating experts also had face-to-face exchanges with young entrepreneurs in Yuhuan and Jiading, and announced the trend of the automobile industry. In the morning, the participants also visited the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Testing and Certification Technology Research Center and Shanghai Volkswagen Factory.