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Non-metallic material tensile testing machine

    Non-metallic material tensile testing machine
    1. Scope of application QX-W400 microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine is a test equipment for measuring the mechanical properties of materials. It can perform stretching, peeling, compression, bending, shearing, bursting and puncturing of metal, non-metal, polymer materials, etc. , Fatigue and other items.

    2. Technical description The microcomputer-controlled electronic universal material testing machine uses the latest control technology. The servo motor is controlled by the original Panasonic AC digital controller in Japan and the timing belt is used to move the two pairs of high-precision ball screws to the test bed. The test bed can be 0.001mm/min —500mm/min speed operation. The high-precision tension and compression sensor imported from the United States is used on the force measurement source. Its accuracy reaches 0.02%, and the sensitivity is high. The entire system can reach 0.5 level accuracy, and the effective force measurement range is 0.2% to 100% of the maximum force value; speed The accuracy is within ±0.5% of the indicated value; the displacement accuracy is within ±0.5% of the indicated value; the deformation measurement accuracy is within ±0.5% of the indicated value.

    2. The main technical parameters of the testing machine:

    1, specification model: QX-W400

    2, the maximum test load: within 5000N can be changed at will);

    3, force measurement accuracy level: 0.5;

    4. Effective measuring force range: 0.2%-100%

    5. Accuracy of force measurement: within ±0.5% of the indicated value;

    6. ​​Test force resolution: ±1/500000 of the maximum test force

    7. Test speed adjustment range: 0.001-500mm/min

    8. Speed ​​accuracy: within ±0.5% of the indicated value;

    9. Deformation measurement range: 0.2%—100% FS;

    10. Deformation accuracy: within ±0.5% of the indicated value;

    11. Deformation resolution: 1/250000 of the maximum deformation (the full resolution remains unchanged);

    12. Displacement accuracy: within ±0.5% of the indicated value;

    13. Displacement resolution: 0.5µm;

    14, safety device: electronic limit protection;

    15. Overload protection: 10% automatic protection over the maximum load;

    16, data collection frequency: 200times/sec;

    17. Effective test stroke: 800mm;

    18. Effective test width: 150mm;

    19. Power motor: single-phase AC 220V±10%, 400W;

    20, host weight: 95kg.

    3. Test machine configuration:

    1, one 5000N host;

    2, the host contains:

    (1) 5000N American Quanli high precision load sensor (accuracy FS±0.02%);

    (2) A set of Japanese Panasonic motor and servo system;

    (3) Two pairs of Sino-foreign joint venture high-precision ball screws;

    (4) A set of QX2010 control and measurement control system;

    (5) One Taiwan Dongyuan brand reducer;

    3, fixture configuration: (if necessary, fixture size can be designed according to customer requirements)

    ①A set of stretching fixture;

    4. A set of Chinese version test software (the measurement and control system can perform tensile, compression, bending, peeling, shearing, tearing, puncture, bursting and other tests, according to customer product requirements according to GB, ISO, ASTM, JIS, EN It can automatically obtain the maximum test force, breaking force, yield force, tensile strength, compressive strength, bending strength, elastic modulus, elongation, constant elongation stress, constant stress elongation and other parameters);

    5, a set of PC interface and data connection line;

    6. ​​One computer equipped by the user; (to achieve computer control)

    7. One printer equipped by the user (to achieve data report printing)

    7, a set of random tools, instruction manual, installation manual, etc.;

    5. Some functions of the testing machine:

    1. Automatic reset: the computer receives the test start instruction, and the measurement system automatically resets

    2. Automatic return: After automatically identifying the test fracture, the movable beam automatically returns to the initial position at high speed

    3. Automatic saving: test data and experimental conditions are saved automatically to prevent data loss caused by sudden power failure and forgetting to save

    4. Test process: The test process and measurement, display, analysis, etc. are all completed by the computer

    5. Display mode: data and curve are displayed dynamically along with the test process

    6. ​​Reappearance of results: The test results can be accessed at will, and the data curve can be re-analyzed

    7. Curve traversal: After the test is completed, the mouse can be used to find the point-by-point force and deformation data of the test curve, which is convenient and practical for obtaining test data of various materials.

    8. Result comparison: Multiple test characteristic curves can be superimposed, reproduced, enlarged, and presented in different colors for analysis and comparison of a group of samples;

    9. Curve selection: you can select the stress-strain, force-time, strength-time and other curves for display and printing according to your needs;

    10. Batch test: After setting the test with the same parameters once, the test of a batch of samples can be completed in sequence;

    11. Test report: (According to customer needs)

    Tension: maximum force, tensile strength, elongation at break, modulus of elasticity, etc.

    Bending: maximum force, bending strength, deflection, modulus of elasticity, etc.

    Compression: Maximum force, compressive strength, yield strength, elastic modulus, etc. The test report can also be programmed and printed in the format required by the user;

    12. Limit protection: two-level protection: program control and mechanical;

    13. Overload protection: When the load exceeds 10% of the rated value, it will automatically stop;

    Emergency stop: an emergency stop switch is provided to cut off the power supply of the whole machine in an emergency;

    Automatic diagnosis: The system has an automatic diagnosis function, which regularly checks the measuring system and drive system for over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, etc., and stops immediately when abnormal conditions occur;

    14. Realize independent operation of host and microcomputer;

    Six, mechanical structure

    1. This testing machine uses two high-precision ball screws to form a frame structure. Using Japan’s Panasonic full-digital AC servo motor drive, through Taiwan’s machine reducer and Japan’s synchronous gear belt, it drives the high-precision, gap-free ball screw to move up and down. It has a reasonable structure, high rigidity, stable loading, and good stability. Features.

    Seven, measurement and control system introduction

    Microcomputer-controlled electronic universal testing machine adopts microcomputer control combined with advanced electronic control technology, implements standardized and unitized design, has the characteristics of accurate control, high measurement accuracy, flexible configuration, easy exchange of accessories, and easy after-sales service.

    1. Measuring system:

    Load measurement: Use FS0.2% imported high stability, high precision load sensor from the United States.

    Sample deformation measurement: There are three methods: through displacement or large deformation, or small deformation measurement and control board, 20-bit A/D conversion single-chip acquisition system is adopted, and the deformation measurement of the sample is realized through the microcomputer acquisition system.

    Displacement measurement: adopt Japanese high-precision photoelectric encoder and coaxial rotation angle of lead screw, realize cross beam (that is, absolute displacement of upper and lower chuck) measurement through digital circuit.

    2. Transmission control system: adopts D/A conversion, single-chip microcomputer and computer control system Panasonic all-digital AC servo motor, connected to the reducer, and drives the high-precision ball screw to rotate and load through the synchronous gear, which has high transmission efficiency and low noise. The transmission is stable, and the speed accuracy is guaranteed to be ±0.5% of the indicated value.

    3, data processing software package

    The control system software is based on the windows9x/Me/2000 operating system platform, which has fast running speed, friendly interface, simple operation, and can meet the needs of different materials test methods. Meet the requirements of compression, stretching, bending, shearing, bursting, fatigue, etc. If there are special requirements, the software can be customized. And can expand the software according to user requirements. It can meet the requirements of GB, ASTM, DIN, JIS and other standards.