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Operation and development trend of deep drawing industry

    Current situation of deep drawing industry
    (1) overview.
    Deep drawing products cover various industries, such as brake system, transmission system, transmission, clutch, sensor, electrical compressor, hardware lock, etc. At present, the average annual sales volume of domestic stamping industry is about 400000 yuan, while that of deep drawing and stamping companies can reach 1 million yuan, which is higher in foreign countries.
    (2) factors affecting product quality.
    1) The automation level of equipment is the main influencing factor. Deep drawing production equipment is relatively special. The professional deep drawing equipment manufacturers include Baird, WATERBERRY, etc. generally, the deep drawing equipment adopts the mode of one machine and multi station (Fig. 1) to improve the automation of the production process. One employee of some enterprises operates six sets of equipment. The transfer between presses is the key and requires a built-in manipulator.
    2) Raw materials. The high-end products of many enterprises use foreign materials. There are still some gaps in the control of element composition and the stability of performance of domestic stainless steel materials. In addition, stainless steel can provide high quality through calendering and heat treatment.
    3) Mold. At present, deep drawing companies generally design their own molds, and companies with certain strength also have their own mold centers to manufacture and maintain molds.
    (3) the number and distribution of enterprises.
    At present, the distribution of domestic deep drawing enterprises is as follows: the deep drawing companies in the Yangtze River Delta have the strongest technical strength, and there are dozens of enterprises with deep drawing and stamping production capacity, including American companies, German companies, Japanese companies, etc.; the Pearl River Delta region has the largest number of deep drawing enterprises, but the technical capacity is not as good as that in the Yangtze River Delta region; in addition, Hebei and other Bohai rim regions also have the same technical capacity Some private enterprises are concentrated to do some deep drawing parts, but the technical quality and production are worse.
    (4) advantages of enterprises with better operation.
    Compared with other enterprises, some specialized factories in China have three advantages.
    Figure 1 multi station structure
    1) Strong professionalism. Many manufacturers also produce deep drawing products, but the company has a wide range of products.
    2) Good management. In particular, the quality management is better, and the product production process can be traced.
    3) Rich production experience, customers choose to rest assured. At the same time, because of its flexible mechanism, it has faster reaction speed than foreign-funded enterprises, lower production cost and greater local advantages. Professional factories clearly understand that order driven will lead to lower profit margin and increase project quality risk, and will try to avoid equity for capital. Therefore, the staff of deep drawing professional factory is generally controlled at about 100.
    Status quo of deep drawing stamping parts
    (1) classification.
    There are several kinds of deep drawing and stamping technology, such as continuous drawing, transmission drawing, mechanical hand group drawing, hydraulic drawing and so on. Figure 2 is the basic process of drawing, and figure 3 is a typical drawing part.
    Fig. 2 basic drawing process
    Figure 3 typical drawing and stamping parts
    (2) service area.
    Deep drawing parts are widely used in automobile, electronics, kitchenware, household appliances and other industries. At present, the production and sales of automobiles are increasing year by year, among which the components such as engine gearbox and control system need to be completed by deep drawing, so the output of deep drawing products of automobile has increased. It is difficult to produce products with large height diameter ratio such as battery case. As the demand for electric vehicles and some electronic products grows at a very fast speed every year, the output of battery case and other related products also increases greatly.
    (3) process characteristics.
    Deep drawing multi station press generally presses cup-shaped parts, the height diameter ratio is generally 1:1 or more. The material comes out of the coil and is cut in the blanking press, and then it is sent to the next station to pre punch a cup-shaped part. At this time, the diameter of the blank is generally reduced by 40%. The manipulator continues to transfer the parts to the subsequent stations, decreasing at a rate of 20% until the final forming. For the products with large height diameter ratio, it is gradually drawing, and the deformation of the first few processes and the last few processes is small.
    (4) overall demand.
    Deep drawing belongs to a branch in the stamping industry. Although it is only a small part of the whole stamping industry, it is still in an important position in the whole supply chain due to its particularity. According to the current conservative market estimates, the market size of deep drawing parts is more than 100 billion yuan, and it is growing rapidly at a double-digit rate every year.
    Development trend of deep drawing industry
    (1) deep drawing industry is a special industry. The current situation of precision drawing and stamping in China is just like the situation of continuous stamping 20 years ago, and there is still a lot of room for growth and broad prospects. Deep drawing technology has a certain technical content. After decades of technical precipitation, German and American companies have reached the present level. In order to master the design of this technology and technology, domestic enterprises still need several years to study and practice.
    (2) small, specialized and precise are the characteristics of deep drawing and stamping enterprises. Take Germany as an example. We all know that the area of Germany is only equivalent to one Yunnan Province in China, but it has millions of small and medium-sized enterprises, many of which are “small, specialized and refined”. Germany’s precision manufacturing industry is the strongest in the world. Deep drawing enterprises in the future will make progress in this respect.
    (3) after studying several typical deep drawing and stamping companies in Germany and America, we find that although deep drawing is a very narrow branch in the field of stamping, the technical characteristics of each company are different. Deep drawing process is different, equipment emphasis is different, die design is different, product range is different, even its product application field is also different. But they were all born